Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education

Understanding the Root Causes of Inequity - Cross-District Learning


Understanding Root Causes of Inequities -
Cross-District Learning



CYCLE provides technical assistance to support cross-site learning among the districts involved in the Nellie Mae Education Foundation’s Understanding Roots Causes of Inequities grant fund (Cambridge and Waltham, MA; Manchester and Danbury, CT; Manchester, NH; and Central Falls, RI). This grant fund is aimed at supporting districts to: 1) be deeply knowledgeable, reflective and self-aware of the technical and cultural factors involved with racial inequities and equitable education opportunities; 2) share this challenge with the communities they serve; 3) be aware of tools, resources and best practices for reflecting and delivering on the promise of equitable opportunity; and 4) gain competencies to disrupt the status quo.

In pursuit of these aims, CYCLE works to build participatory learning spaces through which district teams can build relationships, generate knowledge, engage in learning, and share victories and challenges. For the six districts engaged in this work, CYCLE is responsible for developing and maintaining an ongoing virtual learning community for district project managers and designing and facilitating grantee convenings. CYCLE’s unique blend of intellectual and relational approaches to these endeavors supports a vibrant and lively learning experience for engaged partners.

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