Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education

Mission. Vision. Values.

Mission. Vision. Values.


Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

CYCLE partners with communities and school districts looking to build collective power through grassroots leadership, organizing, advocacy, and relationship building. We support youth, families, and educators to organize, fight for, and win policies and practices that create equitable opportunities and just outcomes for all students. 

Our Vision

CYCLE believes that high-quality public schools and equitable educational systems are the cornerstone of an authentic democracy and a just society. By centering and prioritizing the experiences and expertise of people most negatively impacted by racial, cultural, and class-based hierarchies, public education can be a means to achieving collective liberation through dismantling systems of oppression.

Our Values


We work in solidarity with individual and community partners. Our relationships are built upon respect, vulnerability, and, collaboration.

Community Power

Long-term, systemic change and the disruption of traditional power structures requires building a critical mass of organized people, grassroots leaders, and alliances across a variety of communities.


The perspectives and experiences of people most affected by an issue must be at the center of finding and implementing solutions. In education, the people most affected are youth and families (particularly those who are low-income and of color), and educators.


We aim to create a culture of inquiry where ideas, information, and discoveries are exchanged.


Fairness is achieved when systemic disparities in opportunities and outcomes are recognized and eliminated. In education, the greatest disparities are race and class-based, and a focus on equity requires an explicitly anti-racist, anti-classist approach. This can mean distributing resources unequally because those with the fewest resources often have the greatest need.


The ultimate purpose of schooling is to give young people the tools needed for freedom and self-determination. Education should equip communities to recognize and challenge injustice and oppression, and instill hope and creativity for building the world we want to see.


In the context of this difficult work, it is particularly important to attend to the social and emotional wellness of those engaged. We work to create interactions and experiences that are inspiring and energizing.


We strive to function organizationally in ways that reflect our stated values.