Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education

Center For Youth and Community Leadership in Education


Who We Are

The Center for Youth and Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE) partners with communities and school districts looking to build collective power through grassroots leadership, organizing, advocacy, and relationship building. We support youth, families, and educators to organize, fight for, and win policies and practices that create equitable opportunities and just outcomes for all students.

We believe that quality public schools and equitable educational structures are the cornerstone of an authentic democracy and just society. However, educational equity and justice do not come about solely through policy-level interventions that are placed into classrooms. Because we must address the immediate and cumulative impacts of current and historical oppression, we believe in the complex, oftentimes messy, work of transformative systems change. Whole communities must be fully integrated into the change process, flipping power dynamics to radically reimagine the way that schools can be liberatory forces for young people and for our democracy.

To achieve this vision, we work with multiple stakeholders in school systems—including youth, families, district administrators, teachers, and other school-based staff—to balance both “inside” (based within school systems) and “outside” (community-based) strategies, so young people, families, schools, and communities thrive.



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Roger Williams University - University College

1 Empire Plaza, Suite 513
Providence, RI 02903

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(401) 276-4891

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What We Do

Capacity Building

CYCLE works to build essential knowledge and skills with youth, families, and school/district staff, to substantively engage communities in educational change processes.

Power Building

CYCLE works to push for both collective community power and power sharing with schools and districts.

Alliance Building

CYCLE works to ensure that families and youth are supported to sit effectively at decision-making tables, and that the experiences and expertise of all partners are valued and leveraged equally.

imagine while we build, always both
— Mariame Kaba


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