Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education


CYCLE's executive director featured on the Leading Equity podcast

Keith’s on a Podcast!

CYCLE’s Executive Director, Keith Catone, is featured on the most recent episode of Sheldon Eakins’ Leading Equity podcast. In the episode, Keith discusses a bit about his background as a teacher activist and answers questions about the research that went into his book, The Pedagogy of Teacher Activism: Portraits of Four Teachers for Justice. CYCLE’s core value of “voice” is predicated upon the belief that the perspectives and experiences of people most affected by an issue must be at the center of finding and implementing solutions. In education, the people most affected are youth and families (particularly those who are low-income and of color), and educators. We are proud to partner with educators, including teacher activists, who understand their work as moving in solidarity with youth, families, and communities seeking educational justice.

You can listen to the Leading Equity podcast here. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss upcoming episodes featuring conversations with great leaders working in the field to advance educational equity!