Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education

YLI 2019 Newsleter

It's Time to Register for YLI!

Hello YLI attendees!

We hope this newsletter finds you well! We’re excited to share that registration has opened for YLI 2019 (Woohoo! Register here). Please note that this year, registration closes on April 30th, 2019, which is significantly earlier than it has been in the past. As a reminder for folks, there are a few updates to how we’re approaching attendance and registration for YLI this year.  

YLI 2019 will be held  August 5-7 (Mon-Wed), 2019. A few exciting changes for YLI 2019:

  • While all 20 NEYON groups will be invited to attend YLI 2019, this year your attendance, rather than being mandatory as in past years, will now be optional. CYCLE believes in YLI as a space to build power and share knowledge for youth organizing around New England and we hope the groups that want to be there will be there!

  • If you are registering for your organization you will register up to two (2) Adult Allies, and up to six (6) Youth. If your Youth attendees include Youth Planning Team (YPT) members, you will register your YPT members AND up to six (6) additional Youth. All of the Adult Allies can be registered at once, and all of the Youth can be registered at once.

  • In an effort to grow NEYON and this beautiful community of practice, we will be inviting some other youth organizing groups from around New England to YLI this year.

  • Because of these shifts, registration deadlines will be stricter than in past years, as you may lose your spot at YLI if you miss the deadline. Registration deadline is April 30th. If your organization does not register by then, we will assume you are not planning on attending YLI this summer.

  • There is a password required to access registration. You can find the password in the version of this Newsletter that was sent to your email.

If you have any questions about registration, please reach out to Nichole Smith, CYCLE administrative assistant, at