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YLI 2019 Newsleter

May Newsletter: Update Your Attendee Information!

Thank you for registering for YLI!

We are now opening registration for new organizations! And we want to help our returning organizations bring a full crew of 6 youth. CYCLE staff will be in touch if you have open slots. If you have already registered 6 youth and are interested in bringing more, please let us know!

Update Your Attendee Information by June 10th

The registration page is open to allow updates to attendee information. Fill in those names and details on your registration by June 10th. To update your attendee information:

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite account. If you did not already have an Eventbrite account you will have created an account with a password during YLI registration.

  2. Find and click on the "2019 Youth Leadership Institute" event in your tickets.

  3. You will be taken to your orders, click on the "Edit" link.

  4. Update the info there!

Call for Proposals!

We’re calling all youth orgs! Do you want to share the work that you are doing in your communities and empower youth all around New England? Now is the time for you! Last year we were excited to learn from one another at YLI during youth-led workshops. We learned organizing skills, restorative justice, and much more. This year we want to do it all over again!

The theme for the Youth Leadership Institute 2019 is “From Vision to Action.” At YLI we want to focus on taking our vision for the education that we deserve and make sure that we have the relationships, the tools and the support we need to get into action and make our visions a reality. Having youth-led workshops is one the main parts of YLI where we can gather the tools to do this and we are excited to see what we can learn this year! 

If your organization is interested in applying to present a workshop, visit the workshop proposal page on the YLI website to learn more about the theme and to submit your proposal today!

Meet the YPT!

YPT Retreat. March 16-17, 2019, Providence, RI.

YPT Retreat. March 16-17, 2019, Providence, RI.

In February CYCLE staff selected 12 students from all over New England to be a part of the Youth Planning Team (YPT) for this year's Youth Leadership Institute. The YPT will plan and implement YLI in partnership with CYCLE staff, and the team got the ball rolling with a retreat in Providence in March. Jnanarisvanthi Athina from The Connecticut Youth Forum and Shawn Brooks from Hearing Youth Voices are both current members of the YPT and they shared some of their hopes and expectations for this year's YLI in CYCLE's latest blog post. Check out the blog to read a Q&A with Jnana and Shawn, and meet all of this year's YPT members here.

New Conference App!

This year, instead of binders, we are using Whova, a conference app! Whova will hold all of our materials and allow you to easily access the agenda, take session notes, create a personal conference schedule, and receive last minute updates on room and schedule changes. Download the Whova app using the links below.

Get our official event app
For Blackberry or Windows Phone, Click here
For feature details, visit Whova

Survey Reminder

Please help us plan content and structure for home team time, and the adult affinity space. If possible, please complete the survey with the young people and adults who will be attending YLI. This survey should take about 15 minutes of your time (unfortunately, you can't save progress on this survey). We understand this is a bit long, and appreciate your thoughtful reflections in advance!

YLI Schedule

YLI planning is kicking into high gear, and the schedule is up!

March Newsletter: Registration Closes April 30th!

Hi YLI Family!

Planning for YLI 2019 is underway, and we're excited to keep you up to date on the latest with our monthly newsletter! 

Pictures: YLI 2018

Register by April 30th!

We are excited to grow our YLI family this year by inviting other groups from around New England to attend! Our hope is that this effort will grow our community of power building and knowledge sharing for youth organizing around New England. 

While all 20 NEYON groups will be invited to attend YLI 2019, this year your attendance is optional. Because of these shifts, registration deadlines will be stricter than in past years, and you may lose your spot at YLI if you miss the deadline.

Your deadline for registering for this year's YLI is April 30thIf your organization does not register by then, we will assume you are not planning on attending YLI this summer.

  • When and where is YLI 2019?

Date: August 5 - 7, 2019
Location: Babson Executive Conference Center

  • How many people can your organization bring?

We ask each organization to bring up to six students and two adults*. Adult chaperones play a critical role at YLI throughout the event, so please choose who will represent your organization or school with care and ensure they’re able to fully support all of your students and be fully engaged at YLI for the whole time.

*If your organization has YPT members, you may bring up to six student attendees in addition to your YPT members.

  • What information do you need to register?

The following is information you will need to know about your youth and adult allies for online registration. We recommend collecting this information about each person before attempting to register, if possible.

  1. Number of youth attendees and adult allies

    • For example, if you know you will be bringing 6 youth, please complete 6 youth registrations. We don't need exact names of each attendee just yet, but you will be prompted to input names for each registration. You can use placeholder names like "Person One," "Person Two," etc. We need to know how many attendees your organization is bringing to make sure we have enough space for everyone at YLI.

  2. T-shirt sizes

  3. Dietary accommodations and needs

  4. Accessibility needs regarding access to language or the physical space

  5. Gender pronouns

    •  Why do we ask for gender pronouns? Read more here.

  6. The registration password: YLI2019

You can update your attendee's information on the online registration form as your attendee list comes together. You will be able to adjust names, t-shirt sizes, dietary and accessibility needs, and pronouns once you know who your attendees will be.

Register for YLI 2019 here!


Adult Support Needed

As many of you know from previous years, the formal YLI schedule goes until about 7:30pm each night. There are less formal social activities for youth to participate in until midnight--which is the official lights out time. All adult chaperones are responsible for making sure all six youth they accompany are safe and accounted for at all times during YLI. In an effort to get more organized around how we collectively support youth during the evening hours, we’re asking all adults to sign up for a slot of time where we’ll take turns spending time with youth during social activities. This will ensure that each room has enough adult support and that those responsibilities are spread evenly across chaperones. Other adults will be responsible for staffing the social activities, but your presence will help the general flow of the evening and the transition to lights out go smoothly. We are asking for your preference for time slots the online registration. Let us know which times you prefer and we will coordinate closer to the event.


Youth Planning Team

Preparing most of the YLI content is the Youth Planning Team (YPT), a group of young people from schools and organizations throughout New England. The YPT is selected through an application process and supported by CYCLE to create YLI learning spaces and facilitate at YLI. The YPT came together during a retreat the weekend of March 16th - 17th to get started on the planning. We're excited to introduce you to the YPT in next month's newsletter!


The New YLI Website

Keep checking the YLI website for updates on things like the call for workshop proposals, and an introduction to the Youth Planning Team. And remember all forms, YLI information, monthly newsletters, and more is also available on the YLI website!


Contact Us!

New to YLI this year is Nichole Smith, Administrative Assistant at CYCLE. You may have seen Nichole stopping in at YLI 2018. Nichole is working on logistics, so you will be hearing from her often. Reach out to Nichole for anything YLI related at or 401-276-4891.



Coming up in the April Newsletter

Meet the YLI Team
Call for workshop proposals
And more!

We realize it takes a village to make a successful YLI so we thank you for your commitment and support. Please share this email with whoever should have access to it and follow up with Nichole if we need to add or remove someone from this distribution. In particular, we want to make sure all adults coming to YLI this year are in the loop.

It's Time to Register for YLI!

Hello YLI attendees!

We hope this newsletter finds you well! We’re excited to share that registration has opened for YLI 2019 (Woohoo! Register here). Please note that this year, registration closes on April 30th, 2019, which is significantly earlier than it has been in the past. As a reminder for folks, there are a few updates to how we’re approaching attendance and registration for YLI this year.  

YLI 2019 will be held  August 5-7 (Mon-Wed), 2019. A few exciting changes for YLI 2019:

  • While all 20 NEYON groups will be invited to attend YLI 2019, this year your attendance, rather than being mandatory as in past years, will now be optional. CYCLE believes in YLI as a space to build power and share knowledge for youth organizing around New England and we hope the groups that want to be there will be there!

  • If you are registering for your organization you will register up to two (2) Adult Allies, and up to six (6) Youth. If your Youth attendees include Youth Planning Team (YPT) members, you will register your YPT members AND up to six (6) additional Youth. All of the Adult Allies can be registered at once, and all of the Youth can be registered at once.

  • In an effort to grow NEYON and this beautiful community of practice, we will be inviting some other youth organizing groups from around New England to YLI this year.

  • Because of these shifts, registration deadlines will be stricter than in past years, as you may lose your spot at YLI if you miss the deadline. Registration deadline is April 30th. If your organization does not register by then, we will assume you are not planning on attending YLI this summer.

  • There is a password required to access registration. You can find the password in the version of this Newsletter that was sent to your email.

If you have any questions about registration, please reach out to Nichole Smith, CYCLE administrative assistant, at