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Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education

Mia - NEYON LC Teach-In Reflection

 NEYON Ethnic Studies Teach-In

Insight and Takeaways from the Youth - Mia


Mia (she/her/they/them)
Students for Educational Justice Lead Organizer

Hey, folks! It’s Mia from SEJ (Students for Educational Justice), here to tell you all about an amazing experience I had a couple weeks back. Essentially, our org hosted a Teach-in, led by CEJ and MYU Metro Center, and provided a space for organizations from all over New England, including those who belong to the NEYON Coalition (Like SEJ is)! We started our day off on a high note, with tasty food and a warm-up bingo game to help us get to know each other as folks arrived and settled in. Food brought people together! Next, SEJ welcomed folks and did some housekeeping so folks knew where to find resources. After that, we learned more about the CEJ's big win for getting funding for anti-bias training.  I networked with people across New England and began to understand we're not alone. Get new perspectives and getting inclusive education. It was awesome meeting Providence Student Union, Holyoke High and NYU Metro Center!