Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education



Do youth need to bring spending money?
The YLI is free and all food is covered. Families can decide if they want to send their youth with some extra cash.

My child has never been away from home, what if they get homesick?
Youth will have access to phones and can call home if desired.

How will youth get to the conference?
Their school or youth organization will make those arrangements.

Who is at YLI?
Youth: about 150 youth will attend YLI. The youth represent all six New England states.
Adult Allies: each organization is required to bring two adults to support the youth while at YLI.
Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF): NMEF funds the YLI and contracts with various organizations to provide support to make YLI a success.
Center for Youth and Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE): CYCLE is responsible for the design and implementation of YLI. They work closely with the Youth Planning Team and the YLI Facilitator Fellows.

If you have additional questions about YLI please contact Kristy Luk ( If you have questions about the logistics of YLI please contact Nichole Smith (

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