Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education



Who You Should Bring

Everybody! Just kidding, we can’t afford to bring all the amazing people you’re working with. We wish we could! Therefore, each LCP is asked to bring 5-7 staff, parents, or board members who are heavily involved in strategic planning and execution of your work, or people who you are training to do that work. Please ask the CYCLE staff if you aren’t sure who should or should not participate, or if you have other questions about your teams.

Registering Your Teams

Each person attending will need to register for the convening using this link: We will be using the conference registration info to order enough food and beverages for everybody. Our deadline to place that order is Friday, September 13 (fake “evil laugh”) so PLEASE register your teams as soon as possible, otherwise there won’t be enough food, people will be hungry and cranky, and there definitely won’t be any leftovers for Jon to bring home to his cat. Thanks for understanding!

Things to know before you before you register

Each registration will require the following information:
•Full name
•Email address
•Dietary accommodations or restrictions
•Other accommodations

Register yourself, or your team here.

If you have questions about registration, contact Nichole Smith at or (401) 276-4891.

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