Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education
Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education

Call for Proposals


Call for Proposals

We’re calling all youth orgs! Do you want to share the work that you are doing in your communities and empower youth all around New England? Now is the time for you! Last year we were excited to learn from one another at YLI during youth-led workshops. We learned organizing skills, restorative justice, and much more. This year we want to do it all over again!

The theme for the Youth Leadership Institute 2019 is “From Vision to Action.” At YLI we want to focus on taking our vision for the education that we deserve and make sure that we have the relationships, the tools and the support we need to get into action and make our visions a reality. Having youth-led workshops is one the main parts of YLI where we can gather the tools to do this and we are excited to see what we can learn this year!

Day 1: Fueling our Vision
This day is focused on feeling the energy and excitement that comes with attending YLI. We will get to meet new people and new organizations through community building activities and sharing stories about our work.

Day 2: Preparing for Takeoff
Today we focus on learning from one another. We’ll have youth led workshops and plenty of fun getting to know about all the work happening across New England!

Day 3: Launching into Action
Today is focused on making a plan to bring our learnings to our peers and our communities and get into action for the upcoming year.


If your organization is interested in applying to present a workshop, please continue reading. Click on the google form link to submit your proposal today!


What we are looking for:
★ 90 minute workshops
★ Workshops/panels presented by youth only or in youth-adult partnership
★ Hands-on and interactive
★ Skill building (organizing skills, storytelling, base building etc.)
★ Workshops for a youth and adult audience, youth only or adults only
★ Should reflect your organization’s work
★ Should be connected to the themes of YLI

What to expect:
★ Support from CYCLE for workshop development
★ A stipend of up to $2000 for your organization or school district
★ Facilitating your workshop up to 2 times at YLI to a group of 25-40 young people and adults

Workshop Proposals are due June 15th, 2019!

Click here to access the google form to submit your proposal!